Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Extended: Making Sense of the Universe: Paintings by Staten Island Artist, Timothy Mutzel

This exhibit has been extended. There is an opening reception on Thursday, September 7th from 6-8PM and there will be Saturday visiting hours from 1-6PM.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Prodigal House For Sale Pick - $999,000 (St. George)

I found this stately, historic district 1865 victorian, two family mansion on Craig's List. It certainly looks appealing in the pictures on the owner's website. The house features a three car garage, water view, glass winterized solarium, and has a new roof. The mansard roof, stone fence, and front door make me want to view the interior. There are some pictures of the foyer which is quite beautiful but I'd like to see the interior rooms. The price is a bit high for this neighborhood but it is a very large two family so half the house could be rented out to help pay the mortgage. If you view the interior, please report back and post to let us know what you think. Contact: Mr. Iliev, 718-784-9528 (sold by owner).

Prodigal House For Sale Pick - $560,000 (St. George)

Do you want to be our neighbor? Yes, this Prodigal Pick is on our street, believe it or not. Fort Hill Circle is among the prettiest streets in Saint George; it circles a hill which was a British fort before and during the Revolutionary war. The house is a charming tudor, pleasingly set back from the street and surrounded by greenery. We took a tour recently and can confirm that, although some parts need work, it has cozy tudor details, a charming front office/library nook, and a brick fireplace in the entrance den that are rather inviting. The kitchen looks relatively new as well. The house is surrounded by a pleasant backyard with a big old tree, and flanked by 2 decent-sized side yards. An ample and verdant front yard sits over the garage, although it's looked upon by the kitchen window of the house next door. There is an underground batcave-like tunnel entrance to the basement we thought could be fun. It is going to need a new roof soon, and the gutters had weeds growing out of them, but this is an excellent buy for a unique house on what is arguably one of St. George's best blocks. Contact: Norma Sue at Gateway Arms, 718-273-3800.