Sunday, April 30, 2006


Recent Press About Moving To Staten Island
Why I Love...St. George Staten Island, Time Out NY
Across the Harbor, a Historic Gem, The New York Times
Borough bloggers reveal secret gems of NYC neighborhoods, New York Daily News
For a Family, Elaborate Elbow Room, The New York Times
Staten Island, An Artist Community, television feature, NBC News
Hipsters on Staten Island, video feature, The New York Times
Bohemia by the Bay, The New York Times
Living in Tompkinsville, The New York Times
House call: Animal Kingdom, Time Out NY
Artists Hope To Revitalize St. George, Stapleton Areas, NY1 News
Brownstoner: Ditmas Park vs. St. George
Brownstoner: The Prodigal Buzz
A Quest for a Castle, slideshow feature, The New York Times
Looking for a House and a Turret, The New York Times

Forgotten New York - Staten Island Photo Tour
Scenes of the Grymes
St. George, Staten Island Wonderland
View from the Terrace 2
The Victorians of Victory Blvd.
View from the Terrace
Toad of Todt Hill
Stations of the S.I.R.T 3
Stations of the S.I.R.T 4
LaTourette, Lighthouses and Wright
Hospital of the Damned
Hidden Cemeteries of Staten Island
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Forgotten New York: Tour #16
Forgotten New York: Tour #2
Forgotten New York: Back roads of Staten Island
Forgotten New York: Alleys of Staten Island

New York City Real Estate Blogs
Forgotten New York
The Huntgrunt

Real Estate Companies
Gateway Arms Realty
Historic Properties, United States
Robert DeFalco Realty
Safari Realty

Real Estate Agents
Norma Sue Wolfe, Gateway Arms Realty

Location Scouts
CVB Spaces, Locations for Print, Film, Events and Vacations

Preservation League of Staten Island
St. George Civic Association

How People Used To Live On Staten Island
Historic Richmond Town

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  1. I'm interested in hearing about what it's like to live in St. George and specifically in Bay Street contemplating moving there from Manhattan and would like to know if the local arts scene is an active/ welcoming one...thanks!