Sunday, April 30, 2006



  1. hey! i have loved your blog for some time and even wrote it in for the AWE poll! I would love for you to take a look at my developing art blog: and maybe link here too!! thanks!! =) Jenn

  2. you should have us on here, the Assembly Room at 15 Corson.. a gem struggling to shine amidst... what have you.
    our show right now is Shit Corner: No Excuses. 26 artist small works exhibition.

    go to Verfall: Decadence and Decay at Studio 150, 150 Bay ST. and see my Candy Corpse. these are the worthy art moments available on Staten Island right now, for now. blog on!

    cheers, Brendan

  3. I added both of you above. Brendan, do you have your own site for your art. Let us know.

  4. Dear Cynthia,

    Please list Galerie St. George at 11 Phelps Place, SI, NY 10301, Telephone 718-390-0130 and website and hours Fri, Sat, Sun 12pm-6pm under your "Art Galleries" listing.

    Thank you,

    Gary Brant, Director